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Give the Gift of a Lake George Vacation

A young mother opens a Lake George vacation gift from her husband and two children.

Although it may seem unfathomable, the holiday season is just around the corner. Soon enough, we’ll be double-checking our gift lists to make sure they’re all complete. But what about the person you love who is hard to buy for? While some people always know what makes the perfect present, others may find themselves scratching their heads, thinking about what would be the best gift to give. Whether it’s for a partner, relative, or close friend, a Lake George vacation is sure to be something they won’t forget. Not only will they be given a chance to visit the Adirondack Mountains, but they’ll also get a chance to relax and discover everything that Lake George, NY, has to offer. Visitors to Surfside on the Lake will find several on-site recreational options, as well as a bevy of nearby attractions and things to do in Lake George. From lounging at the beach to going on scenic drives, the possibilities are seemingly endless!

It’s Always More than a Lake George Vacation

Although our Lake George resort is where our visitors will stay, there are many places to go and fun things to do in the Adirondack Mountains. We’re delighted to know that our slice of paradise is desirable enough for people to stick around during the day, but we encourage guests to do some exploring during their Lake George vacation. From the comfort of their home away from home, visitors can plan day trips and other exciting outings like golfing, hiking, kayaking, and fishing—among other things. What’s more, there happens to be a robust restaurant scene that showcases an impressive collection of culinary delights and eclectic flavors ranging from world fusion cuisine to good old American food. In addition to the many fine Lake George restaurants found throughout the area, Surfside on the Lake has two on-site dining options for patrons to take advantage of.

Lake George Resorts in the Adirondack Mountains

Lake George vacations are a great time to explore the Adirondack Mountains while enjoying a broad spectrum of area attractions and activities. The best part about Surfside on the Lake is it gives visitors a chance to unwind and savor life without the demands of the daily grind. With plenty of things to do in Lake George, it’s no wonder we have so many returning visitors! For more information or to book a reservation, please visit our website or call 518-668-2442.

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