General Info & Policies

Our Club Hamilton and Blue Mountain Room can accommodate up to 150 guests. Club Hamilton has a beautiful view of Lake George. Our Rooftop Cabana space can hold up to 130 guests. This space is outdoors and has a beautiful panoramic view of Lake George!

Room Reservation Policies

A reservation can be made verbally or in writing. The hotel will reconfirm the reservation in writing. Any cancellations must always be confirmed in writing. In the case of a no-show (if a guest does not show up for the hotel room as per their reservation), the room will be charged in full. A one night deposit is due at the time of booking. If a reservation is canceled within 14 days from the date of arrival, the deposit is non refundable. Outside of 14 days a $50 cancellation fee will apply and the remaining deposit is refunded.

Room Blocks and Rooming Lists

Room blocks will be held until the contracted drop off date. No deposits are required to hold a room block. Guests booking individually under a room block are subject to the standard room deposit policies and cancellation policies of the hotel. All rooming lists are due (14) days prior to the event. After (14) days, the rooms will be released back to the hotel and any additional guests who would like to book for the event will be subject to availability. Any cancellations within (14) days are still the responsibility of the tour group.

Deposits and Payments

A $1000 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a date for a special event. Thereafter, a supplemental deposit must be made in order to equal 20% of the total cost of the event. This supplemental deposit will be due within (14) days after contract signing. Full payment for the event is required (14) days prior to the event. Changes may be made to this policy on a case by case basis. See contract for any changes to the policy. A deposit is not required to hold a room block. Guests booking under a block are responsible for their own deposit. Credit card payments are subject to a 3% surcharge. Check and cash payments are exempt from the 3% surcharge.

Event Cancellations

If the cancellation is outside of (30) days from the date of the event, then the group will forfeit 50% of the deposit. If the cancellation is within the (30) days from the time of arrival, then the group will forfeit the full deposit.

Food and Guarantees

A guaranteed guest count will be set by the contract. The client is responsible for 90% of the minimum guest count. If the count fall below 90% of the guaranteed number, the client is still responsible for that number. Any additional guests will be billed and must be paid for by the end of the event. All final dining decisions and guest counts are due (14) days prior to the event. Please include all food allergies; the chef can not make adjustments without reasonable notice. Hors D’oeuvre quantities are prepared based on final guest count. Please note that hors d’oeuvres are not continuous and subject to predetermined quantities based on final guest count.

Alcohol Policy

Guest who appear to be under the age of 30 will be asked to provide proper identification. No alcohol will be served to any guest without proper identification or who appears to be overly intoxicated.

Insurance Policy

The hotel is not responsible for items stored within the hotel property. The hotel will however take responsibility if damages occur due to negligence by the hotel. The organizer of the group/ event is responsible for reporting any damage to hotel property. All vendors will be required to provide an insurance certificate naming Surfside on the Lake for all lines of applicable coverage for limits agreed to based on the nature of the event.

Damages Policy

The guest or group is responsible for any damages incurred during their event or individual stay that is not the fault of hotel staff. This includes, but is not limited to, rips or tears in chairs, table damages, holes or cracks in walls, broken doors, windows or fixtures, and rips, tears or burns to the carpeting (if applicable).

Event Timing and Overtime Fees

To extend your event beyond the contracted time, there is a $500 plus tax and service charge, per hour fee. This overtime fee includes use of the room and bar (does not include any open bar services). Weddings are 6 hours long if they include the following: ceremony (1hr), cocktail hour (1hr), and reception (4hrs).

Post Wedding Breakfast / Brunch

Breakfast or Brunch is available the morning after your event for your guests.
Additional fees apply to extend your event.