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Adirondack Waterfalls Near Lake George, NY

A captivating look at one of many awe-inspiring Adirondack waterfalls.

The Lake George, NY, area is home to some of the most scenic and picturesque settings in the east. Complementing the forested foothills, fantastic flora, and unique rock formations, waterfalls are a noteworthy staple around these parts. From spectacular regional landmarks to roadside hidden gems, Adirondack waterfalls are certainly something to write home about or share on social media. Nestled within the midst of it all, Surfside on the Lake is the ideal location for seeking out some of the best falls in the country, so you’ll have easy access to explore these majestic natural attractions. 

The Most Captivating Adirondack Waterfalls

To help you plan your Lake George vacation and decide which Adirondack waterfalls you’d like to visit, we put together a brief guide that will give you a great reason to hit the road and check out some of the most iconic scenery in the region. Setting aside time to see at least one of these bubbling beauties is something you won’t regret and will add a dynamic twist to a memorable vacation. Without further ado, here are three of our favorite Adirondack waterfalls near Lake George.  

Death Brook Falls

Also known as Secret Falls, Death Brook is a locally revered hidden gem just off the road outside Raquette Lake. This 70-foot cascade is a prominent feature that stands in a seemingly open area lined with trees. This torrent stands out in the fall, so be sure to bring your camera if you happen to be visiting during autumn.

Mossy Cascade Brook Falls

Led by a 1.6-mile round trip, the Mossy Cascade hike brings you through a lush forest laden with moss-covered rocky outcrops and towering granite walls, quickly showing visitors how its name was chosen. Before you reach the primary falls, a smaller eight-foot waterfall creates a small pool and an excellent photo opportunity. There are a few obstacles along the way if you’re hoping to reach the base of the main waterfall, but it can be avoided by following the trail on the right side for a birds-eye view. 

Groff Creek Falls

Made up of a series of three connecting falls along the Groff Creek, this Adirondack waterfall rewards patrons for their efforts. First, you’ll make a 1.8-mile hike to the top of the cascades. Even at 30 feet high, the waterfall’s apex can be heard from over a mile and a half away. Make your way down for a better look and follow the steam to reach the other two, which both will require more hiking. 

The Best Lake George Resort in the Adirondack Mountains

Whether you are a seasoned waterfall enthusiast or a burgeoning novice, the Adirondack Mountains has a bevy of awe-inspiring cascades teeming with white water torrents you’re sure to appreciate. The only thing more tranquil than the outpouring of Adirondack waterfalls is the simple comforts of retreating to Surfside on the Lake. For more information to plan your Lake George vacation, please visit us online or call 518-668-2442.

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