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Adirondack Getaways: Fishing on Lake George, NY

A romantic couple trying their hand at fishing on Lake George, NY.

Nestled within the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Lake George, NY, also known as the “Queen of American Lakes,” offers 28,000 acres of nautical recreation. With over 82 miles of shoreline and speckled with islands, it’s no surprise that this picturesque body of water has played host to visitors for several decades, vaulting it to the top of the list for places to vacation in New York. As a cornerstone of the American family vacation, fishing plays a pivotal role in providing recreational opportunities for guests from near and far. To help acclimate you with the Lake George fishing scene, we put together a brief guide on what to expect on your Adirondack getaway. 

Lake George Fishing Charters

As much as we appreciate the can-do mentality shared by many anglers, we recommend enlisting the service of a Lake George fishing charter. Hiring a guide or charter is the best way to ensure your success on the water, learn the best techniques for the season, and relieve you from the pressures of locating fish. Your guide will impart crucial information, but you’ll also take the first step in building a relationship with a local master. 

The Most Targeted Species of Lake George, NY

Anglers from all over the region travel to Lake George, NY, to collect eating sized fish or snag a personal best trophy game fish. Lake George’s sparkling water is a prime habitat for a dynamic array of fish and is considered a top-tier bass fishing destination in New York State. Other popular sport fish besides large and smallmouth bass include stocked landlocked salmon, lake trout, smelt, northern pike, and crappies. Brook trout can also be found hanging out near the many rivers that flow into Lake George. In addition to the coveted sportfish, there is an abundance of pumpkinseed sunfish that will chomp on almost anything, creating the perfect scenario for introducing youngsters to their new favorite pastime. 

Lake George Resorts: The Perfect Adirondack Getaway

Straddling the shores of Lake George, NY, Surfside on the Lake has affordable lodging options in a quintessential family setting. Besides fishing, there is a myriad of other recreational amenities right outside your door. From two-bed rooms to master suites, Surfside has something for everyone. For more information on how we can provide you with an unforgettable experience, please visit us online or call 518-668-2442 today!

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