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Adirondack Mountains Vacation: Fourth of July on Lake George

A astonishing fireworks display above Lake George.

The unforgettable memories created while celebrating the Fourth of July often remind us of the simpler times. Think back to the summers of your youth, waiting in anticipation as the celebration approached. Finally, when that fun-filled day finally arrived, you ran around with whippersnappers and sparkles in between scarfing down hot dogs, burgers, and brats—hanging out by the lake or pool with your friends and family, while one of your elders readied the supplies. Sometimes if you were lucky, one of your aunts, uncles, or older cousins would let you light one! This year, we invite you to recreate and relive these traditions by celebrating the Fourth of July on Lake George at Surfside on the Lake.

Lake George Resorts in the Adirondack Mountains

For decades, Lake George has served as the quintessential location for celebrating Independence Day. Surrounded by stoic mountains, awe-inspiring vistas, and forested foothills, this regional treasure, nestled in the Adirondacks creates the perfect setting for commemorating freedom, prosperity, and our nation’s birthday. Surfside on the Lake has all the summertime amenities you could want in a Lake George resort, including BBQ grills ideally located on the private beach! Gaze up from your Adirondack chair or chaise lounge and watch the village fireworks display and several others around the lake as they illuminate the summer’s night sky. The sounds of children laughing, playing, and imagining fill the air as new traditions are made, and the adults observe with a smile on their face as they reminisce about their younger days.

Lake George Summer Vacations with Surfside on the Lake

Part of what makes the Fourth of July so special is remembering the good old days. Whether you are a grandparent admiring how your children have passed your traditions down to your grandkids, or a new parent teaching your young ones the joys of youth, Surfside on the Lake is the perfect place to unwind for an Adirondacks getaway. With a wide range of activities and lodging options, there’s no shortage of recreation as you and your loved ones await the exciting day. To learn more about how we can accommodate your celebration, please call 518-668-2442 or visit us online today!

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